Family Splatters Pilot

FAMILY SPLATTERS Award-winning Pilot Episode

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“They came from Hell…
And they’ve been trying to get back ever since!”

FAMILY SPLATTERS is the story of Roddy and Matthew: two iconic 80’s horror movie slashers that were banished to Hell… Only to get kicked out for being too annoying.

Now they’ve been sent to the 2020’s β€” doomed to live out the rest of the decade as punishment. Filled with smartphones, cryptocurrencies, social media, online porn, Billie Ellish, and even more horrors to come…

Roddy will stop at nothing to escape the modern era and get back to Hell. But it often goes wrong. And people usually die.

Will Roddy find a way back to Hell? Will Matthew finally find true love? Why is Santa wearing a gimp suit!?

Find out in the adventures of two 80’s horror slashers trapped in a 21st century world on FAMILY SPLATTERS.